I was born in a cross-fire hurricane

I was born in Padua October 14th 1968, when the world was on fire and many changes blasted in. Perhaps those vibrations arrived through my mum and inspired me in so many ways. When my mother was waiting for me she always listened to Procul Harum “A whiter shade of pale” but also “Homburg”. Maybe those tunes influenced my overview on what was happening around me and, eventually, pushed me to go deep in that period.

As I was only 5 years old I started play piano. I was so deeply in the Bach style listening to Procul Harum Hammond that I asked mum to let me have some piano lesson so that I can learn and play Bach pieces. And so it was. I had also a very private book where I wrote, drew and experimented my first musical compositions. In those early days I realized that music, painting and writing have a perfect connection and that was before my eyes.

Antonella 20 anni fa

To me the week was a sequence of colourful days: monday was blue, tuesday was orange and so on. But also musical notes were muti-coloured and numbers as well.

Today colours and hidden meanings, health and well-being through arts has become my main goal. I know, and I’m sure of that, arts can help people. Arts helped me in so many ways.

By the way, I’m a journalist. A job that allows to see things that people normally don’t see, especially that worse part that everybody tries to hide. An incredible, huge, precious privilege.

Antonella oggi

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